Exercise 4 All FAQS

Group exercises
Yes. Usually we come to your venue, which may be a Residential Home, Care Home, Supported Living, Community Centre, Warden Assisted Flats or a School or Village Hall.
Each class starts with a warm-up and includes mobility exercises, stretches, exercises to get you moving, fun & games and a cool down and stretch at the end. All with great music to get you singing along if you want.
The classes vary in length from about 40 minutes to an hour. Each session is tailored to the individuals on the day and the duration depends on age and fitness levels.
It depends on the venue and participants but up to around 20 is usually ok. This will be discussed in more detail when you book your class.
Absolutely. We always try to include everyone in our sessions. You can do the class sitting down on a suitable chair or in a wheelchair.
Yes. We teach mixed ability classes, with some sitting and others more active. Options are given throughout to encourage people to work at their own level.
Of course. Carers come free and can either join in to support you or watch, it is entirely up to you. We always try to accommodate your needs and any special requests as much as possible. Give us a call to discuss your needs further.
No. We will provide any equipment which is used in the class. You can always bring your own if you prefer though. We do recommend that you bring along a bottle of water.
Most classes are usually weekly but this can be varied to suit your needs.
Simply call us on 078777 39677 or email us at kelly@exercise4all.co.uk and we can discuss your needs and make the booking for you.
No. You can either pay after each session or we will send you out an invoice.
Class prices vary but are not as expensive as you think, so call us on 078777 39677 to discuss it further and book your free taster session.
We are always keen to hear from individuals who have an interest in people and a confident personality. Email us at kelly@exercise4all.co.uk for more information about opportunities in your area.