Suitable for all ages but we specialise in teaching older people and those with a learning disability.

You can exercise sitting in a chair or wheelchair or standing up, the choice is yours. We can teach a mixed group, with some sitting and others standing too.

We use lots of different equipment, including weights, exercise bands, balls and pom poms! All with some great music and we always have loads of fun!


Stretching exercises

Our individual sessions are suitable if you prefer not to exercise in a group or if you are less mobile and need more support. Whatever your reason for exercise, we can design a programme just for you.

We can help you to lose weight, stay more independent by keeping you mobile, help you recover from an injury or illness and help you to improve your general mobility, flexibility, strength and general fitness.

Our instructors are all very friendly and approachable. You tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you get there.

With over 23 years experience you know you're in safe hands.


  • Group classes or one-to-one
  • Exercise for the older generation
  • Chair-based exercises
  • For those with a learning disability
  • For those recovering from an injury


  • Reduced back/sciatic pain
  • For neck/shoulder pain or stiffness
  • Relieve tension/stress-related headaches
  • Ease tight calves and/or hamstrings
  • Knee and other joint pain relief
  • General joint pain reduction

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